If you are visiting this blog and would like to leave a prayer request,  please feel free to do  so.  I have found that one  thing that is really hard for us to do as individuals is to ask someone to pray for us .  So many times we think that we can handle things on our own.  Also, we fear sharing with others the things that we struggle with in our lives. There are many reasons that  we don’t  ask for prayer or share our struggles with others.   We think people want understand. We think  that  people don’t really care. And then there is the trust issue.  That is the Big one

I have found that in my own life most of the time people do understand.  When you share  with others this gives them the opportunity to share with you things that they need prayer for.  You realize that you are not alone in your struggles. You will find that we are all like. We just have different problems or struggles. I have also found that people do care. I have been able to build some beautiful  relationships with some women through simply praying and sharing with them. And as for the trust issue. Sometimes you will get burned.  It’s a risk you have to take.  

Also, I feel that the fear that we have in not sharing with others or asking for prayer is placed in our minds by Satan. He doesn’t want  us to pray.  He wants to keep us defeated.  I think the first step in finding relief or victory in our struggles is to speak it audibly to our self or to someone else. I have found that speaking it makes it real to us. It makes Satan mad!!!  Ha! Ha!

One of the greatest gifts that you can give someone is to honestly and sincerely pray for them.  I encourage you to share  prayer request, praises  or other comments  when you are visiting this blog. Everyone needs encouragement, support and prayer.

The song that I have placed here really spoke volumes to me several years ago, when I first heard it.  It made me really question a lot  of things about my life as a christian?  My priorities?  Am I making a difference?  Am I aware of the needs around me ?  Do I really care?  We are all one of  those  broken-hearted  people at  sometime or some place in our lives. 

In His Hands,







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