Shying Away From The Father

This morning I find myself a little restless. I haven’t really been feeling very well for several days.  Hopefully, just allergy stuff going on.

I slept in a little later than normal.  After I got up and  made me a cup…………Sarah……..Just stop……….. Just Stop…….Come sit with me.

“Just let me finish this post.”  

“No, Come now…..don’t put it off……….”

“Okay, Lord,okay you win. “

“Lord, I am so restless this morning. And most of it comes from the fact that I have been shying away from you.  Lord, I have to confess to you that I am afraid. I am afraid of the things that you have been speaking into my heart. Not really sure how to reign it all in. Not sure where it will take me.  Afraid of what it may require of me. Worried about what other people may think or say.  Afraid it may take me into what some may call undignified situations.

And once again, back to why would you want to use me?

Lord, I do love you!!!  I so want to follow after you and walk in obedience to the commands of your voice.

I have to confess to you this morning that I have been intentionally shying away from you. I have allowed so many different thoughts to consume me. I have not been faithful in trusting you. Forgive me for worrying about what people will think or say.  You have reminded me time after time that only you and I truly know what goes on in my heart. I have to confess that as you have spoken to me, instead of digging into you word for further instruction, I have sat down and done nothing or sought the opinion of others. I think this is more out of  fear of the unknown and afraid of doing the wrong thing. Forgive me for seeking and listening to the opinions of others, especially when your voice has been so distinct and loud.

I love you Lord and I thank you that you have reminded me this morning that………………TIME IS SHORT………. AND THAT I NEED TO BE ABOUT THE FATHER’S  BUSINESS.”

This morning as I was blogging, the Lord…just sort of stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that I had put off some business with Him, for way too  long. What I shared with you in this post this morning is a lttle bit of the conversation that went on between me and the Lord. I have been shying away from spending time with Him because I have not really liked or been ready to receive what He has been saying to me.

How about you?

How long has it been since you just sat with the Father and listened to Him? How long has it been since you just spent time with Him and just laid everything down?  Trusting Him? Allowing Him to shower you with His love and grace and forgiveness?  Allowing Him to direct your paths?

Today, I encourage you to set aside all of your busyness and life’s distractions and sit with the Father.

Oh, He loves you so much!!!  He is waiting so patiently for you!!! Do you hear Him whispering your name this morning?

Go on…………Go sit with Him………… You will be glad that you did!!!!!!!


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