Rejected!!  Rejected!!  Once again, you are not good  enough!!  Your can’t do anything right!!

These were the words that rang in my ears as I read the results of the scholarships for the She Speaks Conference.

My name wasn’t on the list!!

I didn’t win!!

Rejected!!!  Your not good enough!!  You can’t do anything!! You didn’t win!!  Your a loser!!

These were the lies that the enemy  whispered  SHOUTED in my ears as I  was reading the results of the contest.

But, He was wrong!!  

To be honest with you when I first read the results of the contest my first thoughts were disappointment!!  Then I started with the but God thing.

But God I thought….. But God why……. But God I wanted…….But God …….on and on……. 

What Satan didn’t know on Monday morning was that I was not choosing to listen to His lies!!!

I chose to listen to the sweet whispers of my Jesus:

“Sarah, I love you. You are my beautiful child.  You were wonderfully made by me.  Oh my sweet baby girl, not winning this scholarship is not a rejection from me. It is proof of how much that I do love you. I know the plans that I have for you concerning the She Speaks Conference. You see my child —-you are a winner.  The old Sarah wouldn’t have entered the contest. She would have listened to the lies of the enemy instead of listening to me. I am so encouraged that you stepped out and submitted your post. You listened to me. You trusted me. You are getting it !!!  You are listening when I tell you that  ” You can do all things through me”.  I love it when you are totally dependent on me. I want to assure you that I am on this journey, with you every minute of the day. Walk with me today. Talk with me. Be aware of My Presence. I am with you!!”

Wow!! What beautiful words that I chose to receive from my sweet Jesus, to guide me through the rest of my day.

How easy it is to listen to the voice of the enemy!!!  Before we know it we are allowing our thoughts to spiral out of control. Believing one negative thing after another.

How about you? Whose voice are you listening to today!!! I challenge you to slam down the gauntlet on Satan and his lies!!!

Open your heart to hear the voice of your sweet Jesus!!! 

Oh How He loves you!!!



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