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Shying Away From The Father

This morning I find myself a little restless. I haven’t really been feeling very well for several days.  Hopefully, just allergy stuff going on.

I slept in a little later than normal.  After I got up and  made me a cup…………Sarah……..Just stop……….. Just Stop…….Come sit with me.

“Just let me finish this post.”  

“No, Come now…..don’t put it off……….”

“Okay, Lord,okay you win. “

“Lord, I am so restless this morning. And most of it comes from the fact that I have been shying away from you.  Lord, I have to confess to you that I am afraid. I am afraid of the things that you have been speaking into my heart. Not really sure how to reign it all in. Not sure where it will take me.  Afraid of what it may require of me. Worried about what other people may think or say.  Afraid it may take me into what some may call undignified situations.

And once again, back to why would you want to use me?

Lord, I do love you!!!  I so want to follow after you and walk in obedience to the commands of your voice.

I have to confess to you this morning that I have been intentionally shying away from you. I have allowed so many different thoughts to consume me. I have not been faithful in trusting you. Forgive me for worrying about what people will think or say.  You have reminded me time after time that only you and I truly know what goes on in my heart. I have to confess that as you have spoken to me, instead of digging into you word for further instruction, I have sat down and done nothing or sought the opinion of others. I think this is more out of  fear of the unknown and afraid of doing the wrong thing. Forgive me for seeking and listening to the opinions of others, especially when your voice has been so distinct and loud.

I love you Lord and I thank you that you have reminded me this morning that………………TIME IS SHORT………. AND THAT I NEED TO BE ABOUT THE FATHER’S  BUSINESS.”

This morning as I was blogging, the Lord…just sort of stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that I had put off some business with Him, for way too  long. What I shared with you in this post this morning is a lttle bit of the conversation that went on between me and the Lord. I have been shying away from spending time with Him because I have not really liked or been ready to receive what He has been saying to me.

How about you?

How long has it been since you just sat with the Father and listened to Him? How long has it been since you just spent time with Him and just laid everything down?  Trusting Him? Allowing Him to shower you with His love and grace and forgiveness?  Allowing Him to direct your paths?

Today, I encourage you to set aside all of your busyness and life’s distractions and sit with the Father.

Oh, He loves you so much!!!  He is waiting so patiently for you!!! Do you hear Him whispering your name this morning?

Go on…………Go sit with Him………… You will be glad that you did!!!!!!!



Rejected!!  Rejected!!  Once again, you are not good  enough!!  Your can’t do anything right!!

These were the words that rang in my ears as I read the results of the scholarships for the She Speaks Conference.

My name wasn’t on the list!!

I didn’t win!!

Rejected!!!  Your not good enough!!  You can’t do anything!! You didn’t win!!  Your a loser!!

These were the lies that the enemy  whispered  SHOUTED in my ears as I  was reading the results of the contest.

But, He was wrong!!  

To be honest with you when I first read the results of the contest my first thoughts were disappointment!!  Then I started with the but God thing.

But God I thought….. But God why……. But God I wanted…….But God …….on and on……. 

What Satan didn’t know on Monday morning was that I was not choosing to listen to His lies!!!

I chose to listen to the sweet whispers of my Jesus:

“Sarah, I love you. You are my beautiful child.  You were wonderfully made by me.  Oh my sweet baby girl, not winning this scholarship is not a rejection from me. It is proof of how much that I do love you. I know the plans that I have for you concerning the She Speaks Conference. You see my child —-you are a winner.  The old Sarah wouldn’t have entered the contest. She would have listened to the lies of the enemy instead of listening to me. I am so encouraged that you stepped out and submitted your post. You listened to me. You trusted me. You are getting it !!!  You are listening when I tell you that  ” You can do all things through me”.  I love it when you are totally dependent on me. I want to assure you that I am on this journey, with you every minute of the day. Walk with me today. Talk with me. Be aware of My Presence. I am with you!!”

Wow!! What beautiful words that I chose to receive from my sweet Jesus, to guide me through the rest of my day.

How easy it is to listen to the voice of the enemy!!!  Before we know it we are allowing our thoughts to spiral out of control. Believing one negative thing after another.

How about you? Whose voice are you listening to today!!! I challenge you to slam down the gauntlet on Satan and his lies!!!

Open your heart to hear the voice of your sweet Jesus!!! 

Oh How He loves you!!!


We All Have a Story to Tell

In March of 2007  I was attending my church’s Annual Ladies Retreat. 

 It was during the third session of the weekend that I really began to feel very uncomfortable. You know, that uncomfortable feeling that you get when God begins to speak to you, or maybe it might be better to say, when God begins to convict you that what you are doing is not quite right.

The uneasiness that I felt didn’t come from the message that our speaker was giving that weekend,  it was more from a particular song that we were singing.

The music leader was leading our group to sing the song titled “Take My Life”.   As I began to sing these words, “So take my heart; conform it. Take my mind; transform it. Take my will; conform it, to yours , to yours, oh Lord,” I heard  these words softly spoken into my ear,  “do you really mean this, my sweet child?”

I was so taken back by this that I just simply stopped singing and sat down in my seat.

Now ladies, if you are like me, most of the time when we attend a weekend conference or retreat we get on this spiritual high. A few days later we fall back into our daily routine and forget most of what the weekend was about — and what the Lord was speaking into our hearts.

But this weekend was different for me.

The next day as I came home, the  words to that song kept ringing in my ears. The more that I allowed myself to think about my life, in comparison to the words in that song, I came to realize that I needed to make some changes in who I was.

Upon returning to work the following Monday, I remember a coworker asking me about the weekend.  My reply to her was – “I will never be the same.”

Since that weekend I have been on a journey earnestly seeking for God to take my life and transform it to His will. Asking Him to conform my heart to His way.

There have been a lot of  bumps in the road.  I have steered off of His path many times. But He has ever so gently directed me back to where He is leading me on this journey.

In 2010, I felt His urging for me to start a blog.  “Now hear this, ladies. He is speaking to a lady that could hardly type an email. I was a hunt-and- pecker on the keyboard.  But He has promised that He would equip me to do what He is leading me to do.

So, with His help, I started blogging. I am hoping to encourage women and help them to see how much He loves them.

I strongly believe that we have to love ourselves before we can fully grasp His love for us. When we are able to love ourselves and accept His love, then we can be set free from all that entangles us. Therefore, enabling ourselves to become all that He intends us to be.

In October of 2010,  following His  leading, I started a small group in my church. The intention of this group was to encourage, fellowship and pray with women in our church. I wanted to encourage these ladies to open their hearts  to God and help them to see that He has a wonderful plan for their lives. I  prayed that they would allow themselves to hear Him when He whispers a dream into their heart. I wanted these ladies to know that God can set them free from the lies of the enemy. I wanted them to know that they can fly ……….. with God.

Over the past four years, with God’s help, I have accomplished things that I never thought possible. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have become more bold in who I am and can be through Him. I have come to trust Him when He says that He will equip and strengthen those whom He calls. On a side note–we are all called. The question is – will we listen and respond?

Today, I am sharing this story with you because I feel that the Lord has opened the doors for me to continue on to the next step of this journey that I am on with Him. Lysa TerKeurst is giving away two scholarships to the She Speaks Conference.  If  I am fortunate enough to win one of these two scholarships, I feel that it would give me access to a  lot of tools that would enhance my abilities to effectively minister to women through blogging and leading small-group Bible studies.

 If  attending the She Speaks Conference is something that God wants for me, at this time in my life, then I am trusting Him to provide. I strongly believe that everything is in His timing. He already knows who will be at this conference and what He intends to happen in the hearts of all of the women who will be attending.

Hope to see you there!!!