Some Thoughts to Ponder

This past December I had the privilege to attend a Deeper Still conference in Alabama.

The  speakers for this weekend conference were Beth Moore, Kay Arthur and Priscilla Shirer.

I know!!!  Wow!!!

It was an awesome weekend. A really great treat for me during this time of year. A break from the stressful life of retail.

A few days ago I decided to look over my notes from that weekend and reflect back on what I felt  the Lord was speaking to me through these three beautiful women.

Words cannot be put to paper concerning all that took place in my heart during those two days. It was such an honor to worship the Lord with over thirteen thousand women.

I think it is pretty neat how God can gather that many ladies together, in one place, to  hear one message, and each lady can receive that one  message in a different way that is applicable to her own life.

I would like to share with you some statements that I jotted down in my journal that weekend. Some of the statements and questions are from the different speakers that spoke. Others are some thoughts that  I jotted down, as I allowed my heart to be opened to hear God that weekend.

Some thoughts to ponder:

Are you ready and willing to hear from God?  If so, are you willing to obey?

You have no idea what can happen when one person is obedient.

Do we know what He really expects from us?

Do we understand what it means to follow God?

What would happen if we all did what He asked us to do?

What are you doing with your life that you shouldn’t be doing?

Do you live and order your life by instruction from the word?

Christianity is not adding Jesus to your life.  If you’re a christian – Jesus is your life!!  Not an add-on.

Christianity is a change of mind that embraces Christ.

He is going to be the Supreme ruler of this earth one day- so why is He not the Supreme ruler of our lives?

Quite a bit to ponder……………………don’t you think?


One thought on “Some Thoughts to Ponder

  1. Kim

    Wow, I love the questions that were raised. It goes right along with the Bible study we are doing on the life of John. I pray that I can continue to reflect on these questions and make changes to my life each day and each moment.


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