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It is Well With my Soul

Today is my oldest brother, Eddie’s sixtieth birthday.

Eddie  is not here today to celebrate his birthday with his family.  I can’t pick up the telephone and tell him happy birthday and how much I love him.

He is celebrating his sixtieth birthday in heaven. 

His death was sudden. There was no time to say goodbye.

If  I could have one more conversation with him, here are a few things that I would say to him.


I love you!!  You are one in a million.  I am blessed to call you my brother.

I am so proud of you and your family for the way that you have been so faithful in following the Lord. You are such a godly example to me and my boys. Thank you for always encouraging Chris and Aaron. For cheering them on and telling that they could accomplish whatever they set  their minds too.

I am proud of you for stepping out on faith and selling your business and doing ministry in the coffee shop. I wonder how many people’s lives are going to be changed by their visit to that place.

Remember the first day you and Carolyn opened the coffee shop?  It was for family only. Remember the couple who drove up from Knoxville to get married at the little wedding chapel next door, only to find out that the chapel was closed?  But wasn’t it just so GOD that this was your first day at the coffee shop. And you just happened to be an ordained minister. You performed their ceremony and then invited them in for fellowship and refreshments.

 What an awesome way to start a ministry.

I love to see how much joy that you have found in humbly serving and giving to your church family. It is so good to cross paths with a member of your church and hear them tell how your ministry to them has made such a difference in their lives. God has truly blessed you in allowing you to see His power released on that church. Allowing lives to be changed forever.

Ed, you seem so happy. You have the most beautiful smile. You seem to be so fulfilled and content. Your life is a testament to finding the key to true happiness.  I now that you have found that the way to peace and contentment is only found in a deep relationship with the Lord. Fully committed to serving and following your Lord and Savior in true obedience.

You have set an example for all of your family. I am so proud of you and all that you stand for!!!

I love you!!!


The song  “It is Well With my Soul” was one of Ed’s favorite songs.  And I can say that when he left this world everything was “well” with his soul.

How about you my dear friend? Is everything well with your soul?