Reflections in the Mirror

I have a large mirror hanging in my office at work. 

Every time I pass it,  I check myself out!!

Sometimes making a comment. Other times walking on by the mirror.

I check my appearance  to make sure that I am presentable to others around me.

This past week as I stood looking in the mirror I begin to look a little deeper. Sometimes I am not to happy with the reflection that I see in the mirror.  There are days that my outer appearance may look okay to me and I may say that I pass the test. But, as I look much deeper I have to ask myself—What are the reflections of my heart??

What are my actions and words saying to those around me?

Do I reflect  “Who He is?” Do they see something different in me?  Do I communicate His love and grace?  Do I show forgiveness and mercy.  Do they see Jesus in me?

I am sad to say that sometimes I cannot always answers these questions with a yes.

My hearts desire is for the answers to these questions to be yes.

I want the whole world to know that “He” is the reason that I live and breathe.

I won’t others to see JESUS  in me.

I want to be a reflection of my sweet Jesus!!  How about you?

Several years ago I used to play this song (attached) on my way to work. Just to remind me of who I needed and wanted to be. I think I will put it back in my car and turn it up every morning!!!

Father, I love you. You are so beautiful to me. Forgive me when I have not been a reflection of you to others around me.  I thank you God for your forgiveness and love. I thank you that you show me mercy and grace. Father, thank you that I can start over anew with you. My hearts desire is to be a reflection of you. In Jesus’  name. Amen


One thought on “Reflections in the Mirror

  1. Eileen

    Nice post and song. Love this sentence…”I want the whole world the know that He is the reason I live and breathe” Me too. Thanks for sharing!


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