The Real “Gift” Giver

Most of us get really  excited when we think we are going to receive a gift.  Maybe a birthday present? A Christmas present?  A gift from friend, just because.

Gifts come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Gifts also bring out a lot of different emotions in us. Sometimes we display emotions of excitement.  Just what we wanted!  Sometimes we cry!  Overcome with emotion!!  Sometimes we have this blank expression. Really? You gotta be kidding here?!  Sometimes we walk away with our gift, just down right disappointed.

Do you ever take a gift home and just put it away in the closet and forget about it?  Months later you come across it and it seems more important and useful?  You wonder why you haven’t been using it and enjoying it?

 How do you think it would make the person that gave you the gift feel if they knew you just set their gift aside? I am sure they would be hurt. Considering there was probably much time and thought put into selecting the perfect gift.

Scripture tell us that everyone has been given spiritual gifts, from God, in order to build up His church.

So many times I have heard people say that they are not sure what their spiritual gifts are. I have said this myself.  As I have matured in my walk with the Lord my spiritual gifts have become more evident to me.  I have been seeking HIS way in using them for HIS glory!!!

I am sad to say, that just like the gifts from a friend, sometimes I have laid  HIS GIFTS on the shelf, also. How this must break His heart?

In His word, scripture tells us that He knew us when we were formed in the womb. We were wonderfully made by Him. For Him. So, I am sure that the gifts that He blessed us with were planned from the beginning of conception. How awesome to think about this. How intricate we are designed with such craftsmanship from the master designer.

I have been working on this post off and on for a week.  Picking it up!!  Putting it down!!  As I have shared with you before,  this blogging thing is all about Him. I want to say what He leads me to say. So, I feel like the struggle that I have had this week  is that I haven’t been willing to share what He has ask me to concerning His gifts to us. He revealed this (trying to do it on my own) to me through an email that I received from a friend this morning.  Thank you friend!!!  For your honesty with God!!

So,  this is where I am  going to leave this post today and my next posting will be the continue of what God is asking me to share………………………………………… HIS GIFTS to me.


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