My Favorite Place to Be!!!

In one of my earlier post I mentioned that I would be vacationing  in St. Petersburg, Florida this week. Well, I am here !!  My husband and I love the beach. It is one of our favorite places to be.  To me, there is no more beautiful place !!

This morning we will pack our cooler and head to the beach.  We will  set up a canopy and spend most of the day between the beach and the pool.  We also try to get in a few walks each day.

My mom is with us this year.  It has been a little hard on her.  Actually this has been a difficult year for my entire family. There has been a lot of changes in our lives this past year.  My father and  father in law have both went home to be with the Lord.

Some of our best memories of them are of our families spending time together at the beach.

Papaw Spencer would set on the balcony and smoke his cigars and watch the kids enjoy the pool.  He loved to take his grandsons deep-sea fishing.  He loved the Sunny Side Grill in Panama City.  The best breakfast ever.  Or that is what my son Chris says!!!

Papaw D would do whatever.  He had such an easy-going personality.  He didn’t like to cross the big bridges. Really,he didn’t like the water at all. We actually got him to go deep-sea fishing one time.  MIRACLE!!!

Both of these men made a big impression on their family.  They both loved God and their families.  This is why they did a lot of things that they probably didn’t really like or want to do.  They both loved seeing their family enjoy life and being happy!!

They are not with us physically this year,  but they are in our  hearts !!  

Thanking God today for our Papaws!!!  We were so blessed to have had them in our lives!!

Take time today  to tell your family that you love them.  Life is too short!!!



One thought on “My Favorite Place to Be!!!

  1. Pam

    Thank you for sharing about the Papaw’s. Although I knew your dad most of what I know of the godly man he was comes from hearing about him from you and your family. It is obvious to see how God worked in his life.
    I did know the other papaw becasue he was my Uncle John. He was the one who came out of his way every Sunday morning, evennig and Wed. to take me to church since my mom did not drive, he did this from the time I was 9 intil I could drive at 16. He was an inspiration to me all of my life. He took care of all of his family and he was loved beyond words by all of us. I had the great blessing of being with him almost every day of the last months of his life, I would not trade that time for anything. We would watch TV, send cards, he would look for sales and coupons in the paper, so many life long memories of my dear Uncle John. He too, was a man who loved His God, his church and his family. I miss him so much, I am so thankful that he is in Heaven.


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