What Breaks HIS heart????

Today the Lord has called my attention away from myself and what may be going on in my own  heart,  to what may cause His  heart to break.  He has really spoken to me about my actions, or maybe better yet my reactions to certain situations that I  face each day. Here is a situation that happened this week that really got me to thinking about how the things that I do sometimes must really break His  heart .

This has been a really crazy week at work, with a lot of changes going on. I made an error on some  important paper work that had to be submitted to my corporate office before I went home yesterday. I possible avenue to get this corrected, but this was one of those situations where when you push the submit button there is no turning back.

I was really upset with myself.  I came home complaining about the whole situation. Blaming everyone else as to why I did this wrong. I was blaming the corporate office saying  “they don’t realize what all we have going on in the stores.”  Then it was the district managers fault. The list went on and on as to whom was to blame. This situation pretty much ruined my entire day. I was fretting over whom I would have to call to get this corrected. What was my explanation going to be as to why I did this wrong ? Really, when you get right down to it,  the big question was


So, bedtime comes and as I am crawling in to bed,  I whisper  “sweet  Jesus  calm my soul and give me some goooood sleep.”  AND THAT HE DID— until about 1:30 a.m. I began to toss and turn. I adjusted my pillow and looked at the clock. Then all of the things about that situation at work started flowing through my mind. After about an hour of tossing and turning, and counting sheep, I was like, okay God what’s going on here?

When I allowed myself to get really quite, it was if  He was saying  to me  ” Sarah why can’t  you take accountability for your actions today?  You took a short cut and didn”t read the instructions. Why do you want to blame someone else?”  He spoke to me,” Sarah this is  SIN .”

I was like  “LORD , surely you can’t be serious here . You woke me up just to tell me  this?”   But,  He was serious !!!  I took the  time to tell Him that I was truly sorry and confessed my sin to Him concerning this situation.  Promising to take full  responsibility for my actions.  There was also a lot of  sinful PRIDE going on here that I had to confess to Him!!

The next thing  I know  it is morning and the alarm clock is  ringing.  I awoke with such a calm and gentle feeling in my soul.  So refreshed !!!!

Today this situation has made me really think about the little  SINS  (no such thing) that I commit (that I don’t always want to admit are sins) that  must really break  His  heart.  So many times, I am afraid that we go through our lives with unconfessed sin because we have let so much of the world into our lives we have grown cold to recognize our sin.

I am so thankful that  I  have a heavenly father who loves me  and forgives me,  if  I am faithful to confess my sins to Him with  a broken  and contrite  heart.

As I leave you today,  please mediate on these  few verses and allow God to search your  heart  about any unconfessed  sin you may be carrying in your  heart.  Also,  listen to the song that I have provided and savor in His wonderful  love  that he has for each of us.

Psalm 51:17
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.



One thought on “What Breaks HIS heart????

  1. Pam

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share from your heart. It is clear that you are not only talking to God but listening to Him also. It is really a blessing to me to be able to see God working in your life.


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