What Leads To a Broken Heart ?

Have you ever just woke up one morning and your heart is really hurting ?

You begin to question the intensity of the pain?  Where did this pain come from?

How did I get to this point?  When will this pain ever end?

I am sure that there have been plenty of times in my life that I have suffered from

what one would call a  BROKEN HEART.


Today I  would like to share a particular time in my life when I experienced

a broken heart and how I was able to experience true healing.


Over the years my dear dad suffered from a lot of health problems, when he was 54 years

old he suffered a stroke. The doctors didn’t give him or his family much hope.

But you see, God had a different plan!  He performed a miracle in my dad’s life.

Our family was blessed with his presence in our lives for 26 more years .

You would have to know my dad to fully understand, but He was the rock of our family.

He was that person who looked for the good in everyone. He was the person that you

knew was always praying for you, even when you didn’t ask.  He loved his family,

but  most of all he loved his LORD and Savior.


Over three years ago my mother and I took my dad to the doctor. He wanted to place

my dad in the hospital and do test.  The results of the test were not good.  He needed heart

surgery. But due to his other health problems  his doctor opted to not do the surgery.

My dad was sent home and told that he had about three months to live.


Enters  my really BROKEN HEART.

I would lay in bed at night and cry myself to sleep. I was not ready to give my dad up.

I remember telling my husband and a friend of mine that my heart was hurting so bad.

I said, “this must be how it feels to have a  BROKEN HEART.”


But once again the doctors were wrong. The LORD  allowed my dad to be with his family

three more years.

The healing of my HEART  begins…………

I  feel that the  extra time that God allowed me to spend with my dad was the beginning

 process of  the LORD  healing  my  HEART.  Don’t get me wrong, there were many difficult

days for my dad and my family during this time.  But this was also a time where I was able

to make a lot of  precious memories with my dad.  My dad was such a sweet and gentle spirit.

He was such a good patient who remained faithful through all of his suffering . 


My dad went home to be with his LORD and Savior on March 16 ,2010.  During this

time I asked the LORD to grant me peace and strength.  He done so much more.

 During this very painful process he began to heal my HEART. 

I miss my dad very much and there are many tearful days.  But when I think of

my dad I have such a sweet feeling in my  HEART.

He has received his reward.  He is setting at the feet of  Jesus.





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